Fashion Do: Lea Michele’s Lovely Romper

Sometimes the fashion world gives us a garment or trend that seems oh-so-easy to wear, but IRL, it can be quite tricky. Such is the case with the romper. While it can seem like the perfect blend between dressed-up and casual, a well-fitting romper is surprisingly hard to find.

But Lea Michele, as loathe as I am to compliment her, looked just about flawless in a blue and white number at an event for her book, Brunette Ambition (ugh), and capped off the look with fun white heels and unfussy (if too long) hair.

Lea Michele in romper at 'Brunette Ambition' Promo


This romper works for a few reasons:

1. It’s not too tight. This is crucial if the waistline of the romper doesn’t hit at precisely your natural waist, and most of them don’t since we It Girls come in all shapes and sizes. Keeping a romper loose is a way to circumvent this common tailoring problem, and a loose romper is far more flattering than a tight one, which often looks like an old-timey swimsuit.

2. It features long sleeves. This balances out Lea’s leg and cleavage action and keeps the look classy but still flirty.

3. It’s the perfect length. This romper hits where Lea’s thighs begin to widen, which is the most flattering length for shorts of any style.

So yes FINE MINIONS Lea looks great. Soak it in because you won’t hear me say it again…XOXO.


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