Spotted: Leighton Meester and Adam Brody on a Breakfast Date

Is Leighton Meester introducing her boyfriend Adam Brody to the non-judging breakfast club? That’s a negative! The two were just having a cozy morning date by themselves in L.A. this weekend. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PICS!

Dressed super casual (Adam in a blue T-Shirt, khakis, and sneakers; Leighton in a baseball cap, floral crop top, and jean shorts), the cute couple started their day off together with a yummy breakfast and some canoodling.

The duo met on the set of their 2011 film The Oranges, and are now filming a new movie called Life Partners which will hit theaters in 2014.

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody


Are you happy to see these two out and about as a couple or do you think it’s only a matter of time until they part ways? Tell me what you think in a comment below!

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  1. Erika Said:

    I think they’re adorable, hope it lasts!

  2. I love chuck bass Said:

    I hate here cos she had the chance to kisss the wonderful chuck bass I would fuck him everywhere xx

  3. Michela Said:

    I love them!! and I think they would be perfect together…can’t wait to see that movie!! Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf together.. that’s love!

  4. Kat Said:

    Looks like B is moving on.. all she’s missing is a job on the set of GG. RIP.

  5. Mary Said:

    She definitely belongs with Ed, it’s only a matter of time before they both realise that and finally be together like everyone wants them to!

  6. Blair Said:


  7. Blair Said:


  8. constance Said:

    She doesn’t fit the Adam. Leigh and Ed are made ​​for each other! They need to be together. I hope that they’ll realize that they can’t live without each other<3

  9. catindu68 Said:

    OMG!!!! SHE TOOK A BREAKFAST WITH HIM?!!! she surely want his dick…

  10. Khatchadourian Said:

    She belongs with chuck bass. Always has always will. No two people can act that well together without a little soul mateness going on.

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