Leighton Meester Had a Crush on Adam Brody Before They Met

This just goes to show you, loves… whatever Queen B wants, Queen B gets.

I hear that Blair Waldorf, I mean Leighton Meester, had her eye on Seth Cohen, I mean Adam Brody for a while before the two even met. A source snitched to Us Weekly saying, “She says she always had a crush on him. She was so nervous to work with him!”

The Gossip Girl star finally met the OC star in 2012 on the set of their movie The Oranges, and secretly wed last year in a celebration that made all fangirls’ dreams come true (mine included).

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody


I just think these two are an adorable match, don’t you, dolls? Or were you secretly shipping them with someone else? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. C Said:

    I wish she married Ed Westwick!!!!! Still hoping they’ll end up together!!

  2. Uknow Said:

    She should be with Ed westwick! (Chuck bass)

  3. GossipGirlxoxo Said:

    They’re married?!?!?

  4. A Said:

    Still wishing Leighton and Ed end up together. Perfect induviduals but together they’d be even better. I totally ship those two together.

  5. Isabella Said:

    I want her to be with Ed WestWick! Still hoping they get together!!

  6. MILY Said:

    Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson + Leighton with Ed, but i wish to adam and leighton all the best

  7. G Said:

    I wish her & ed end up together. Really just the cutest

  8. Mariam Said:

    Of course like any fan of The O.C and GG I would have loved for Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody to end up together and Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick to end up together.

    However, when I found out about these two I was like YEEEEES!
    They are adorable! Love them together!

  9. Allison Bell Said:

    I love love love her with Ed Westwick! Chair and Leighted forever!❤️ But I think her and Adam are so cute! I’m so happy for them and if he makes her happy then I want them together! I mean it is perfect Leighton and Adam or Blair and Seth lol

  10. fyi Said:

    sorry to dissapoint you girls, but ed swings for the other team. It was a major dissapointment for me too when i found out, i totally wanted him to be with leighton, but a friend of a friendo who happens to be a guy slept with him for a whole year.

  11. tru Said:

    He kinda merry the not-that-pretty version of Rachel Bilson.

  12. Sara Said:

    He was supposed to marry Rachel Bilson :( this isn’t correct, Rachel and him were meant to be, though I like him with Leighton it’s just not the same, they don’t have the same chemistry as Rachel and him had, I will ship them forever.

  13. Truth Said:

    Leighton looks like she’s crying and Adam looks like he feels guilty about something… Maybe Edward Westwick and Leighton Meester are actually together and Adam did some AWFUL things (let’s just put it that way) to get Leighton with him, but forced.

    I’m sorry, but those faces… They don’t look like the faces you’d make if you were with someone you were in love with, right? Can’t just sweep this under the carpet. There could be something about this……

  14. Sophie Jokumsen Said:

    I still hope that Ed Westwick and Leighton end up together, there are so cuuuuuute!

  15. blairiloveyou Said:

    This couple isnt good.the only thing i know is that Ed and Leighton should end up together they love each other they are so perfect together. I love u leighton♥

  16. XOXO Said:


  17. me Said:

    She should be dating Penn Badgley, tbh. OR AT LEAST SINGING WITH HIM, i’d be perfectly fine with that.

  18. Alyssa Said:

    I think that chuck bass was perfect for blair in gossip girl so he would be perfect for her now!

  19. Ebrar Said:

    Hey! I am from Turkey.. This is not new news.OK!I think they look very very good. Its a fantastic binary. Oh sorry If my mistakes. Good byy. I love Blair Waldorf I love chuck Bass ı miss they :*

  20. Hope Said:

    Leighton+ Ed
    but hey, that’s just me.

  21. Andrea Said:

    Adam looks like Penn Badgley

  22. J Said:

    Leighton and Ed Westwick

    Also Ed is my one and only BAE!

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