Leighton Meester Stars in Sexy Music Video

Leave it to playboy Wilmer Valderrama to direct a music video of two hot girls making out. Gossip Girl‘s Leighton Meester stars in The Nomads’ video for their song “Addicted To Love.” Wilmer, who co-directed it with Andrew Sandler, stars in the video as well.

In the video, Leighton is on a date with Wilmer and then Vanessa Curry (former Laker Girl and Pussycat Doll) spills a drink on Leighton so the two of them go into the bathroom to take care of it. But things get hot and heavy in the bathroom and they up making out.

Watch the video below to find out the complete story of the characters in the video. Do you like the song? What about Leighton’s performance? Tell us in a comment below!


  1. Lore9414 Said:

    This video is horrible

  2. GossipL Said:

    The video clip is cool! But the song is TERRIBLE! Vanessa curry’s performance is awful, she has no voice, the song is bad and the music worst…
    Anyway very good performance Leigton

  3. chika Said:

    leighton is perfect. video and song not so perfect. i think Wilmer just wanted to do some soft porn. When you can’t be creative go to sex.

  4. ggada Said:

    i dont love it…

  5. Emmakk Said:

    Fez finally got his wish and I do not like it :(

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