Love or Loathe: Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester turned up at the┬áTarget + Neiman Marcus Holiday Collection launch party┬álast night and showed off her new short hair, but I’m not sure if I’m absolutely in love with her overall look. I get what she was going for–minimalist and mod–but the plain dress, lack of baubles and slicked-back hair adds up to a plain, washed-out look, don’t you think?

Queen B is so effortlessly chic and sexy that it pains me to see her in a frock that doesn’t do her justice. If you were to get your paws on LM and have full reign over her hair, makeup and clothes, how would you dress her? And would the first order of business be a set of hair extensions? Or are you loving her sassy new bob?

Leighton Meester Target Holiday Party




  1. psychokiller Said:

    The look could’ve been better with a messy bun or her long wavy hair, and a little accessory like a large cuff.

  2. ggada Said:

    yeah Im not loving it exactly-_-

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