WTF Alert: Leighton Meester’s Role in Veronica Mars Being Recast!

Well, I’m totally bummed to be reporting this news… I hear that Leighton Meester will not be reprising her role as Neptune High’s resident mean girl, Carrie Bishop in the new Veronica Mars movie–apparently Leighton’s schedule didn’t work with the movie’s and instead Andrea Estella from indie band Twin Sister is taking the role instead.¬†Boo.

Just to recap, this is Leighton…

leighton meester



And this is Andrea…

andrea estella


As is this…

andrea estella


Sigh. I’m sure Andrea, who looks like a hybrid between Gwyneth Paltrow, Lady Gaga and a box of Manic Panic, is great at singing about hipster things or whatever, but do you think she can pull off Carrie’s character the way Leighton did? Or will it be good to get a fresh infusion of talent into the VM empire? Tell me your thoughts darlings…XOXO

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  1. Summerlove Said:

    I hate you :( I love Leighton as Carrie

  2. Summerlove Said:

    I mean “I hate it” not you :S

  3. cgb1701 Said:

    Rob Thomas was quite clear in his kickstarter update that he did absolutely everything he possibly could to get Leighton involved and she wanted to be involved but just couldn’t work schedule around and, since he had specifically written her some scenes where she sings – he needed someone who could sing and wasn’t too well known.

  4. Andreea Said:

    I can’t judge her,I don’t even know the girl. I will wait and see her performance first.

  5. Stephanie Said:

    Nooo! She would’ve been perfect!! She can sing, act, and obviously has the mean girl thing down. Wonder what in Leighton’s schedule prevented her so much. Why am I hearing the word flop in my head now for VM??

  6. Mel Said:

    I don’t know who the hell she is not have I saw her acting. But I’m pretty sure she can’t pull off Carrie Bishop they way Leighton would! It’s such a bummer she couldn’t be in that movie. I love Leighton and I love Veronica Mars as well.

  7. J Said:

    Um, what the heck?

  8. Selina Said:

    Love her! Queen B!

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