WTF Alert: Lena Dunham’s Assistant Feeds Her

Um, I’m all about being pampered and taken care of, but this is a little extreme, don’t you think?

I spied Girls star Lena Dunham getting fed by an assistant while shooting scenes for the upcoming season of her series. Holding a cup of tea in one hand, she eats a quesadilla as a man feeds it to her.

Oh, I’m sorry, Lena. You’re too busy being the voice of your generation to feed yourself? Well guess what. I’m the voice of my generation and I have never once degraded someone into doing that. (Clarification: I’ve obviously eaten strawberries out of the hands of a drool-worthy dude on a picturesque island while watching the sunset, but enough about my personal life–I don’t want to make anyone jealous…)

Do you think Lena is acting too hipster diva now? Or are you currently taking applications for your own assistant to shove food into your mouth? Tell me in a comment below! XOXO


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  1. sami Said:

    this is so vapid. lena dunham is overrated. and even then, so what if she’s being fed? maybe her hands were full. maybe she just got a manicure. you don’t know the details, humphrey.

  2. s Said:

    She is holding it!
    Maybe someone just offered her a bit of that quesadilla

  3. ml Said:

    she is grabbing the food with her other hand lol! she wasnt being fed!

  4. Allison Said:

    Does the poor assistant follow her into the bathroom?? Lol, even the queen feeds herself.

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