Love or Loathe: Lena Dunham at the Girls Premiere

There isn’t much going on these days in the city–it’s far too cold, and I’m still mourning the end of the holiday season, sniff–so last night’s premiere of HBO’s hit “Girls” drew everyone. Well, everyone who isn’t in St. Barths, that is. I’m not a huge fan of the series–why would four privileged girls make a show about struggling? But then again I don’t suppose everyone can be BFFs with van der Woodsens.

Anyway darlings, while I’m not a “Girls” girl, I am a fan of fashion disasters so naturally I kept an eye out for Lena Dunham, who has made some questionable choices along the way. I spotted her in this sparkly Rochas gown…what do we think, minions?

lena dunham


I just can’t make up my mind. On one hand, I love sparkles and for once, her dress seems well tailored. But something about the lower half bothers me. Maybe it’s the shoes–sparkles with sparkles are too much–or how she’s standing, but the outfit just feels unfinished. Perhaps if she’d brought the hem up to a tea length the look would’ve been more balanced, but I don’t hate it as is. Could’ve used a bangle, perhaps.

What does shock me is how much I’m approving of her hair and makeup. Her unwise decision to get a Miley cut was tragic, but she’s made the best of it, unlike MC herself.

So darlings, tell me your thoughts on LD’s newest look: is it a shimmering pinnacle of her fashion? Or a blinding hot mess?


  1. Ella Said:

    I would like it better if it was either knee-length or covered up her shoes. It hits at an awkward spot.

  2. Camila Said:

    I’m sorry but I just LOVE her and her style, but the shoes were too much!

  3. Georgi Said:

    The top bothers me a bit, it’s quite high and it doesn’t really flatter her chest and upper arms. But I love her hair, make-up, and quite frankly I love Lena! She keeps true to herself! :)

  4. Jeffrey Said:

    I don’t really like it, because she looks fatter in it.

  5. Andrea Said:

    The dress is gorgeous and well tailored, but it doesn’t fit her well. She has a large hip and big arms, so this is not the type of dress that fits her type of body.

  6. Kat Said:

    I think the dress is great but the shoes were too much. It would look a lot better if she weren’t pulling that weird face and stance.

  7. laura Said:

    Short and sparkly. She looks like a disco ball

  8. Ali Said:

    I think it would have looked better if it was knee length…

  9. Tash Said:

    Don’t hate it or love it, its eh

  10. lisa Said:

    Im sorry but is the tattoos the ruin it all every time for me. I’m not a tat hatter I’m actually considering one for my birthday. But it never works for her. She’s frumpy as it is n it all just makes her look like she needs a good shower . Slap some sleeves on this n it’s actually nice.

  11. Andra Said:

    Neckline is horrible,the shoulders should have been covered or idk something else would have worked better,and the length is not flattering at all.

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