Love or Loathe: Lena Dunham’s Gold Dress At The Point Honors Gala

When it comes to chic evening wear, I have long been a fan of bronze as an alternative to the typical gold or silver dresses but that doesn’t mean that a bronze dress can’t look perfectly dreadful. Need a visual aid? Behold Girls star Lena Dunham in a sequined Marc Jacobs gown at last night’s Point Honors New York Gala in NYC:

lena dunham


I tried my hardest (sort of) to find a smiling photo of Lena but unfortch, she was making her “sexy” face in every single pic.

I really wanted to like this look, but the dress is too long, too sequined and too heavy for a young lady. Not to mention it does nothing for her figure. It could have used a sash or belt to define her waist because as it is now, the gown makes her look like one bronze blob. But, we cannot blame this fashion miss entirely on Mr. Jacobs. That hair is not working. Curled under on one side, and curled out on the other, this frizzy ‘do is not good, nor is her green nail polish (never, darlings) and lack of accessories. But I will say this: her makeup is gorgeous; I especially loved how her meticulously applied liner draws attention on her doe eyes.

For me, this dress is a total loathe, but do you actually think LD pulled it off? Or is this dress so tight and terrible she couldn’t cut it off?


  1. honeysucklejasmine Said:

    I think the dress is gorgeous but errghh… I can’t stand Lena Dunham. I bet anyone else would’ve made this gown look amazing.

  2. myname Said:

    She looks hideously bad. She would be less offensive if she did something with her hair and makeup. No one with a lumpy shape should wear streamline gown. Put some spanx on.

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