Cute or Ew: Lena Dunham on Vogue?

As you know, darlings, I have never been overly thrilled with Lena Dunham’s dreadful¬†unique fashion sense. But it appears that Vogue editrix Anna Wintour is, because I hear that she’s keen on breaking the mag’s not-so-secret rule of only featuring size zero cover girls and featuring Lena front and center!

lena dunham


Apparently Anna is desperate to loop Lena’s young fan base into the Vogue cult, but I’m not sure that one out-of-the-box cover star alone will revamp the mag’s lackluster following. Do you think that Lena deserves such a prestigious honor? Or should “the Bible” stick to what it knows: glam and glitz and fashionable starlets?

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  1. Fefe Said:

    I Love Lena and her show. She’s not tiny but she’s not huge either, She’s normal and i would love to see her grace the cover of Vogue!

  2. Fatty McBoobyFarty Said:

    Ugh tattoos are complete shit. They are so stupid. They just make you look uglier, in my opinion. But then there are the parents at my school. I was waiting in the office one day and some guy was also there because he was getting picked up early for a doctor’s appointment and his dad comes in and he has 9 tattors, (if he has one on his *** please do not make me vision it. I’ve seen ENOUGH!) it looks terrible. So does Lena’s, but I guess she doesn’t have the same opinion so whatever.

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