Scene & Heard: Leonardo DiCaprio Got a Little Rough with Carey Mulligan

The Great Gatsby is all anyone can (and should) talk about these days, but I hear that filming the epic love saga wasn’t all juleps and roses, darlings. Carey Mulligan says that Leonardo DiCaprio roughed her up on set!

Leonardo DiCaprio 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival


“At one point we were filming a montage moment, where we’re playing golf together on the pontoon. He was golfing and he took a swing and smacked me so hard on the neck I was momentarily dazed,” Mulligan mused. “But it was so painful, it was funny! I hurt myself a couple times [on set] and he was the first person to pick me up off the floor!”

Easy Leo, we love you best as a lover not a fighter. Or a golfer, yuck.


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    love Leo ♥

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