Kiss Kiss Bora Bora: Leonardo DiCaprio and Toni Garrn’s PDA-Filled Vacation

Leonardo DiCaprio was heating up the already tropical island of Bora Bora last week. The typically private actor traveled to the island paradise for a PDA-filled vacation with his girlfriend, Toni Garrn. When the two weren’t splashing around together or making out on the beach, Toni, who is a model (obviously) 18 years Leo’s junior (again, obviously), sunbathed topless on the island paradise. This behavior is certainly a departure from the arm’s length distance the two lovebirds keep between them while trying to remain under the radar in Los Angeles.


I’m not typically a fan of the PDA, but Toni should take it when she can get it from Leo the serial Lothario. It’s only a matter of time before the next parade of potential new girlfriends Victoria’s Secret runway show boots her out of current girlfriend status.

Leo, who was just cast in the 19th century period piece The Revenant, was seen last weekend demonstrating his best geeky dad dance moves at Coachella. Fortunately for Toni, she did her own thing at the festival, and stayed away from the embarrassing display. Unfortunately for Toni (as well as everyone else), “her own thing” involved neon face paint.

What do you think, minions? Are these crazy, beautiful kids made for each other? Or will Leo be kissing Toni’s tatas “ta ta” before his next island getaway?


  1. jess Said:

    They r both gorgous so y not

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