Liam Hemsworth’s $4,000 Boys Night Out

Spotted: Liam Hemsworth racking up a hefty bar bill at NYC sports bar Ainsworth Park, with bros like The Butler star James Marsden. My spy reports that LH tried to keep his eyes on whatever sports game was going on (DKDC) but couldn’t help but chat up two ladies he met at the hotspot, ordering tequila for the group and staying for five long hours!


His final bill: $3,800! Trust me when I say that it’s not an easy feat to rack up that kind of receipt at a sports bar, even if it is in trendy Manhattan. The drinks must have been top shelf and tres plentiful.

Do you think LH is trying to drink away the pain of his break up? Or are these the actions of a man who’s finally been let out of a Miley-shaped prison?

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  1. Bri Said:

    I’m pretty sure the comma goes after the 8, GG.

  2. Gretchen Said:

    Are you stupid? ↑
    Wasn’t he dating Eiza Gonzalez? Hmm… You know I love you GG ♥

  3. Queen B. Said:

    Um Bri, you’re wrong.

  4. Tiffany Said:

    I’d be celebrating.

  5. LP Said:

    Yeah Bri. Your definitely wrong…

  6. Hannah Said:

    Bri, you must be 5 or younger because teens and over don’t make those mistakes.

    Anyway, yeah, he is dating Eiza. Or just sluttin’ it up like every other celebrity except the good ones.

  7. Sabrina Said:

    Def. just slutting it up with eiza

  8. Hannah Said:

    BTW, I noticed you haven’t posted in almost 24 hours, so I wanted to enlighten you on something I figured out. Our Beautiful Ms. Bellisario might have gone to Big Butt Ms. Bellisario. I saw in a picture of the upcoming Pretty Little Liars episode pictures. I must say, I didn’t expect Troian to back us like that. Was she making us follow her new chubby? But trust me GG, it looks like a big fat little pig curve.

  9. Hannah Said:

    Actually, 24 hours has past! Maybe people won’t think of you as the gossiper you are, GG! Chuckle, chuckle.

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