First Look: Liam Hemsworth in Empire State

As an international It Girl, my idea of a doomsday scenario involves a broken Louboutin heel, a private jet without fresh cookies, or another socialite turning up in my identical outfit. Shudder. 

But for a movie star like Liam Hemsworth, his ultimate nightmare is for a flick to go straight to DVD and never even see the big screen, which is exactly what’s happening to his not-so-highly anticipated film, Empire State, costarring fellow C-listers like Nikki Reed, Shenae Grimes and Emma Roberts.

While this group does make up quite a sexy cast, is this film doomed from the start? Check out the just-released trailer and tell me if you’ll rush to Best Buy on September 3!


  1. Ope Said:

    Looks exciting to me! You forgot to mention it had Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in it.

  2. Nia Said:

    This movie trailer looks totally awesome! It definitely should have made it to theatres!

  3. MX Said:

    It looks really interesting!!! GG, The Rock is a great actor!

  4. Ajay patel Said:


  5. JC Said:

    He’s got the same name as his brother. lol

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