Is Liam Hemsworth Happy After Breaking Up With Miley Cyrus?

“These days I feel like I’m more centered and grounded than I’ve ever been,” Liam Hemsworth confessed about his new life as a single man. During a whirlwind press tour for his new flick The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, the Aussie hottie hasn’t said much about his breakup with fiance Miley Cyrus except for the fact that he’s single (music to my ears!) and he wishes her the best.

But in a recent interview with the Associated Press, Liam basically gushed about how awesome his life is sans MC. And working with Jennifer Lawrence isn’t hurting either.

“For a few years I went down a path where I forgot to be in the moment and enjoy the moment,” he says. “But being around someone like Jen, who is so honest and laughs all day long, I am forced to be in the right now. I’m much happier.”

I for one am thrilled that this gorgeous man wants to smile more. Sure, he’s still hot when he’s brooding (as he was in every pic with Miley), but there’s something so refreshing/so sexy about a man who is pleased with the way his life is going–it makes me want to be a part of it!

Are you just as happy as Liam is that his relationship with Miley is O-V-E-R or did you secretly love those two together? Tell me in a comment below. XOXO

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  1. Marita Said:

    Oh, I loved them together, but if they’re still on the search for real love- go for it!

  2. R Said:

    I always felt that liam would eventually bring out the good in miley if they stayed together. But it wasn’t meant to be, life goes on :/. At least they are both happy :)

  3. Thoman Said:

    I really thank God they broke up. Liam deserves SO MUCH better.

  4. Hannah Said:

    Long story short,Liam is a lying bitch.

  5. Mark Said:

    Good for him he dodge a bullet. I so glade he dumped that thing.

  6. Jorge Said:

    first of all Miley is not a “thing”… she has made bad decisions but she’s still a person… and i did love Miley and Liam together.

  7. Daniella Said:

    HahA just wishes the best for both of them….life still goes on yolo for bad or yolo for good
    Your choice

  8. Destiny Said:

    Fuck liam. I loved miley and liam together. But he is a cheater and a lieing scumbag. “Happy and u wish miley the best” keep your sympathy she doesnt need it u whore!!

  9. Educated Fuck Said:

    I think the real problem here is Liam’s haters and fans and Miley’s haters and fans. Some of you think Miley deserves Liam, but then some of you guys think Liam should be with someone classier. All of this makes celebrities say what fans/haters not fight about it because they choose what fans and haters both do not think to say/think, meaning the fans and haters didn’t get what they wanted the celebrity to say.
    The problem isn’t Miley’s twerking or Liam’s feelings. It’s fans and haters.

  10. Jess Said:

    I think Miley could’ve done better honestly, they were both in love but in photos of them together Miley seemed to look at Liam with a look that really showed how she felt about him and how she loved him! I feel like maybe all the things she has been doing lately have been because of their brake up an shes trying to deal with it all. In her wrecking ball video, all they told her to think of was Liam and she balled her eyes out for the filming of it. He definitely cheated on her I think

  11. Estee Said:

    I think they looked good together…two or three years ago. But recently? I don’t think so. Liam is sooo hot and seems like a really nice, decent guy. No scandals, no weed, no alcoholism. Miley in the other hand has changed so much since her Disney years. Obviously it can happen that all these infamous things she’s doing are just to be in centre of attention, to sell her album, but it doesn’t seem like that and it’s way too much. Liam and Miley both deserves happiness. On separate ways.

  12. Caterina Said:

    Whoa, I can’t believe that Gossip Girl loves to trash Miley for every single thing she does but when it comes to Liam he’s the one who cheated on her and no one has nothing bad to say about tat. Honestly I think u guys looovvee bad boys. Miley may do some extreme stuffs but she never cheated on him. I can’t believe u support a cheater. I hope she finds better than Liam. No women/men ever deserves to get cheated on. Be a man/woman and have the courage to break up with them

  13. ZahraAhmed:) Said:

    To be honest, who are we to judge?! Its their personal matter and we are butting in with our judgemental views and opinions. We should just leave them be and not add in biased 2 cent comments!

  14. RiRi Said:

    I kinda liked them together. They we’re kinda perfect together if you ask me, but then again, being perfect doesn’t mean that they we’re right..or happy. It just means that they were perfect in others eyes, like mine. Being apart, they’ve both shown just how unhappy they were together. Miley is really successful doing her thing (and she rocks!) And Mr. Hottie Liam is smiling and laughing and smiling and having fun too. It’s a win win situation!

  15. Caterina Said:

    @ZahraAhmed – I completely agree tat we suldn’t butt in but I’m soo tired of people being mean to Miley. Everything she does is wrong but when it comes to Liam (him cheating on her) no says anything. I’ve learned that when u hate someone they’ll find any excuse to bash them and I think it’s wrong. People have done worse then her and they’re not getting bashed. I just think it’s not fair and I’m allowed to give my opinion

  16. Latifa Said:

    I love them together, so perfect! Just imagine how beautiful their kids would be :(

  17. Halea Said:

    Everything happens for a reason, I loved them togehter, but hey?

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