Liam Hemsworth and Selena Gomez Score Razzie Nominations

Awards season is upon us, darlings, and while my stylist was showing me possible Golden Globes gowns, I received my ballot to vote not for the Oscars or the BAFTAs, but for my very favorite awards, The Razzies! The Razzies honor not the best of Hollywood but the worst, and are always on point with the most awful movies and actors.

And while I may giggle with cruel delight, the nominations are not good news for some celebs, namely Liam Hemsworth and Selena Gomez, who are both up for “awards” for their terrible movies and acting.

Liam Hemsworth 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' premiere


Not only did we all have to endure Liam’s romance with Miley but audiences also had to sit through not one but two big-screen bombs he starred in, Paranoia and Love and Honor. I can tell you from personal experience that both are absolutely unwatchable.

But, sadly, Liam wasn’t half as bad as Selena Gomez was in the dreadful Getaway costarring Ethan Hawke–who made that casting decision??–and quite frankly I didn’t like Spring Breakers any better, did you?

Hakkasan Beverly Hills Hosts Flaunt Magazine Issue Party with Selena Gomez And Amanda De Cadenet


Check out the full list of nominees here–which includes Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian--and tell me which movies and celebs should’ve made the cut for their horrible films?


  1. Nadizz Said:

    Maybe it’s because they can’t act… Just because you get the roles doesn’t mean a damn thing (means you’ve been gettin the D) stop paying ‘actors’ (or whoever they think they are at the time) the big bucks and start spreading the wealth…that’s what you should be upset about not that u had to watch a bad movie #smh

  2. Marie Said:

    Wow, why would a communist be on a site about the rich and famous? If you just like complaining write to the daily mail. There really is no need for you to come down from your high horse to visit us lowly folk who like to visit entertainment websites to… oh i don’t know… be entertained.

  3. Whoever it is Said:

    We all know Liam is famous because The Last Song with M, and when he became famous, he broke up with M and chose some brazilian-not-so-hot-but-very-anorexic and Selena, maybe without J she will always be a Disney actress that doesn’t even have any talent to sing yet she force herself to record an album. I don’t like Sel because J, I hate her since the first time I saw her. She tried to be the good girl, i appreciate M more when she become herself. Back off, Miley is gonna rule.

  4. Jelena Said:

    Liam – yes but Selena – no way!

  5. Jen Said:

    i watched the Getaway, and yes…Selena’s not a very good actress…

  6. E Said:

    Umm “whoever it is” II think Liam is famous because of his role on the hunger games too not just the last song. Someone seems to be obsessed with miley Cyrus… Weird

  7. Kathleen Faher Said:

    Saw the list of nominations. Why so much hate on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? It was actually quite good and thoughtful. Just because it wasn’t a mainstream movie and has a quieter message, doesn’t make it bad. :( And the Lone Ranger wasn’t terrible either (in comparison to some of the movies also on the list), it just didn’t make money at the box office when compared to their budget. Whatever.

  8. Tiffany Said:

    I actually really liked the movie Getaway, I’m pretty surprised by all the negative reviews. It wasn’t a groundbreaking film or anything, but it was a fun action film. She did good in her role as the kid, too, I thought.

    I also thought Selena did great in Spring Breakers. I’m not saying I completely loved the movie as a whole, but I did like her portrayal of her character. She did an awesome job, definitely stepped out of her comfort zone.

  9. Georgi Said:

    I’m sure Liam is just being “punished” for the whole Miley drama. Because Paranoia and Love And Honour were absolutely NOT that bad. Especially Paranoia: I mean, a movie with Gary Oldman cannot be bad. Liam sure isn’t the best actor in the world, but come on?

  10. Athena Said:

    Liam is really not a bad actor. I actually think he’s quite good. Love and Honor sure wasn’t Oscar-worthy, but it definitely wasn’t Razzie-worthy either! It’s just a nice romantic movie for a girls’ night in. I thought it served its purpose as a movie, so it’s hardly “unwatchable”. I haven’t watched the Getaway but I found “Spring Breakers” quite interesting as a story and the acting was not all that bad. Selena is no Meryl Streep that’s for sure, but I’ve seen worse.

  11. Noemi Said:

    They can’t say that they’re bad actors! They both have their talents, some movies were worse than others, but hey, The Last Song and The Hunger Games are awesome, and Liam is quite good! Okay the other movies weren’t the best, but did you think about the role that they had? Wasn’t great either. And I have nothing to say about Selena, to me she is a singer, not an actress. I didn’t like her movies, but when I saw Springbreakers I just laughed. I was bad. But I didn’t see enought movies to judge.

  12. Izabel Said:

    Selena was barely in Spring Breakers. Her character left half way into the movie. She did a great job, ot was something she’s not use to and she handled it with grace. Getaways was really good too, its just she’s a better actress with funny, girly roles. Those two movies is something she never did before. She did an amazing job playing Alex Russo on Disney Channel. So many girls (via twitter, Facebook, we heart it, instagram, and blogs say they can totally relate to Alex Russo. Go Selena!

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