Liam Payne is Single Again!

Today is your lucky day, Directioners! The rumors that Liam Payne has split with his whateverish GF Sophia Smith is true, true, true!

liam payne sophia smith


“[Liam is] devastated that it’s over but it was for the best. They were spending too much time apart and it’s only going to get worse this year — the band going on a super long tour, her getting busier with college,” tattled an insider to Us Weekly. “Too much long distance. It was draining for the both of them and led to a lot of arguments. Liam was the one who chose to end it.”

But while L was the one to call it quits, he doesn’t seem to be handling it very well, tweeting quite a few emo messages for all to see including:

Can’t be without you

Worse thing I ever did was let you go

No all I got left is the thought of you.

Ugh pull yourself together, man! I’m sure that he won’t have too hard of a time finding a new GF, right 1D fans? Tell me who he should date next!

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  1. Kayla Said:

    I think he should date Danielle Peazer again! They are the cutest couple ever, and I will legit cry if they date again! <3 #PayzerForLife

  2. Gabs Said:

    me, duh

  3. Jorge Said:


  4. Krista Said:

    Just stay single for a while dude, he went straight form Dani to Shophia and look how that turned out.

  5. charlie Said:

    Stay single n put a pad lock on the zip of ur trousers

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