OMFGaudy: Check Out This Reality Star’s Huge Engagement Ring!

Leave it to a Shahs of Sunset star to put the “gag” into “engagement.” Self-proclaimed “Persian Barbie” Lilly Ghalichi┬áis sporting an absolutely jaw-droppingly large ring after getting engaged to her boyfriend of two whole months, Dhar Mann. Just look at this thing:

lilly ghalachi


Somewhere, Kim Kardashian is furious and has locked Kanye West out of the house. This ring is by far larger than any other celeb’s that I’ve seen which begged the obvious question: just who is this gent she’s betrothed to? Well it turns out Dhar, who owns a weed company in California (charming) and a luxury transportation biz, is a bit of a shady character. Just this year he was convicted of defrauding the city of Oakland by stealing money designated for redevelopment. He was sentenced to several years of probation and must pay $45,000 in damages–but apparently plunking down a hunk of cash for this ring was the priority.

Let’s talk about this gem for a moment, can we please? I personally loathe pear shaped diamonds, almost as much as I loathe gaudy new-money ostentation. And can you think of anyone who would embody such gauche behavior more than a reality star and a drug kingpin? Me neither.

Lilly Ghalichi


But darlings, she seems happy, so fine, good for her. I’m sure that she’s in talks with Bravo to televise her no doubt over-the-top nuptials, so get excited for that. Do you think that Lil’s happiness will last? Or will this romance be over before you can say “cubic zirconia”?


  1. Sherrisse Said:

    Wow they only dated for 2 months? Not to mention his shady character…. Well the ring looks just too big and ridiculous for an engagement ring. It looks like a ring a teenage girl would buy from Claire’s.

  2. Nay-nah Said:

    Suspect. The Lilly that was so uptight in Vegas she wouldn’t allow Asa to touch her purse, laid down napkins on a “public” seat b4 she would sit and refuses to drink publicly because its “classless” is now engaged to a pot kingpin w criminal history? Ummm..I’m calln B.S. will the real Lilly plz stand up.

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