LiLo Gets Dumped…Again

Actress, singer, professional party-hoster—now Lindsay Lohan can add Artistic Advisor to her long list of failed career choices. It’s been confirmed that our freckled friend is no longer working with the label Ungaro after the designer himself called her creations “disastrous.” The good news? Lindsay may just have a fallback plan, having recently announced she’d like to write a book. Confessions of a Teenage Train Wreck?


  1. vix Said:

    luhh her no matter what. wear what u luvv cause theres NOTIME to lose!!!!!!!!

  2. Tobii Metro Said:

    Fucking mess, not even I could pick out an outfit THAT horrible.

  3. John Said:

    Thank God! Her debut collection for the prestigious label was unspeakably horrendous. It was a wretched idea to appoint her with such a job and it’s a good thing she was booted before the brand lost its respect and credibility. Go do what you do best Lindsay: drink yourself yourself into a stupor at the newest nightclub.

  4. LindsayLover Said:

    ~cough~ its called artistic ADVISOR!!! they give advice….. its the person who designed the rest of it’s fault.
    Well, i loved her creations anyways.

  5. Jorge Moralez Said:

    I think she looks awesome! Anyway, everyone have their own tastes!

  6. kelly Said:

    ungaro truly was awful

  7. Sophie Said:

    OMG! She looks terrible…..

  8. .... Said:

    a corset over a white t-shirt and tights? :S

  9. Katy Said:

    God, she looks … =S

  10. ItaloSuave Said:

    This world has some supremely vicious people in it, particularly critics of Celebs like this Lindsay girl. Have seen this syndrome over and over again, all I can advise folks with fangs, is “Hey you, yeah, you; Get yourself your own life, why doncha?”

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