Gasp! Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Assault–Over The Wanted’s Max George!

Over the past few years, Lindsay Lohan has racked up five trips to rehab, over 20,000 minutes in jail and six arrests–whoops, better make that seven.

lindsay lohan


Lindsay was arrested early this morning at NYC hotspot Avenue after punching a woman in the face. And not just any woman, darlings. The wife of the club owner’s business associate–aka, not just some riff-raff from the crowd.

Why? She was fighting over The Wanted’s Max George!

max george


I hear that Linds wanted badly to bed the singer, who opened for Justin Bieber earlier that night, but Max wanted nothing to do with LiLo’s sloppy drunken behavior. Linds apparently became enraged when she spied Max–in the VIP section where, naturally, Lindsay was not allowed–talking to another woman.

“At one point, Lindsay moved up to VIP and was trying to get the woman to move her coat and purse in order to make room for her, but the woman was ignoring Lindsay. Lindsay started yelling at her and the woman told her to stop. Lindsay eventually huffed back to her table, furious.”

After pouting at her own table for a few minutes, Lindsay took matters into her own hands–make that, fists.

“Lindsay was standing on the couch at her table, which put her even with the woman seated in VIP above her. She turned around and clocked her in the face,” the witness reveals to Us Weekly.

Soon after, Linds was arrested by NYPD and charged with assault. Tsk tsk Lindsay–Elizabeth Taylor might have been a boozy trainwreck in her own right, but La Liz would never smack someone…at least not in public.

And Max? He was so turned off by all the drama that he took home a totally different girl!

Are you sick to death of LiLo’s antics? What should the justice system do with her at this point?


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    well LiLo belongs in jail

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