LOLZ: Lindsay Lohan Banned From New York Clubs

Ah, I see that the favors I called in have paid off, darlings. My minions report that Lindsay Lohan has been banned from not one, but two NYC hotspots, and I’m sure that the list will keep growing.

I told you last week that LiLo accused Seattle Seahawk Sidney Rice (who I happened to party with Friday night at the ESPN Super Bowl party, and he is tres adorbz and classy) of stealing part of her ratty fur coat after a night out at 1Oak on Wednesday. Apparently, the fiasco was enough for 1Oak to slap Lindsay with a ban, much to her chagrin on Friday night when she was denied entry…

“She stared the doorman down and was surprised that they wouldn’t let her in,” tattled my witness. “She was definitely shaken up.”

Lindsay Lohan


So, Linds slunk away to another It club, Up & Down, and watched as Ryan Phillippe, Bar Refaeli, Paris Hilton, Kate Upton and a slew of models breezed through the velvet ropes. But HA and HA, Lindsay couldn’t get in there, either.

“She turned away to her friends and looked really embarrassed.”

Ahh such a wonderful way for us to start the week, to know that NYC clubs are safe from the red menace Lindsay Lohan! Have you ever had the irksome experience of not getting into a club? Tell me all about it darlings, you know I’d never judge…XOXO.


  1. ellen Said:

    dont be so mean lilo is unrewal nd i love her she leavingthe past in the pasrt howd u like itr if someone reported every mobve u maked

  2. Rachel Said:

    Uhh she kinda did that to herself. She wanted to be known right. Well she made herself known for being that drunk girl. Plus one thing about being a celeb is that you get reported about everything you do. And go get a dictionary and an English class. Learn how to talk. ^^

  3. ianamary Said:

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