Lindsay Lohan’s Pathetic Visit to Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival truly does draw all sorts of stars, from the flawless A-listers like Blake Lively and Leo DiCaprio to the other, less appealing celebs like Justin Bieber and Paris Hilton, who are very possibly hooking up (and thus kicking off the apocalypse). Lindsay Lohan is also in Cannes. Let’s try to guess which category she falls into!

LiLo has made the terrible decision (per usual) to document her trip to the glitzy film fest, and her pics are nothing short of pathetic. Let’s take a look and break down the Insta-tragedy, shall we?

Linds started off with a bang–or should I say bust?–in a topless selfie with some guy she probably hooked up with knows.

lindsay lohan cannes instagram


“#isCANNESQuicheENUF ?!”  she captioned the photo and OMFG LINDSAY STOP WITH THE “QUICHE” THING! No one thinks it’s cool or clever the 100th time you use it, so cut it out. And also, please put away your lady bits. If there’s one person left on Earth who hasn’t seen you half naked, I’m sure they’d like to keep it that way.

Next, she posted this pic:

lindsay lohan


“Scared of #paparazzos leaving yacht” she wrote. Who took this picture?? Is this a selfie? Ugh, so much more pathetic if it is. And Linds, the paps are like spiders–way more scared of you than you are of them.

And then this shot:


“Good morning early risers (ish) in #cannesfilmfestival” she titled this pic. Clearly she’s wearing the same dress she was the night before in the last snap, so unless she does 6am yoga in a sequined gown, she never went to bed. Gee I wonder how one could pull an all-nighter like that? I’m sure it was just pure Red Bull, n’est ce pas, darlings?

Overall, while I’d kill to be in Cannes ATM, I’m perfectly content to be wherever Lindsay Lohan is not. Do you think she needs to up her Instagram game or are you sickly addicted to her feed?



  1. Cammy Said:

    She needs to grow up like now, posting all that rubbish and showing how much of a mess she is, just awful! Her career is ruined and no effort to get back on track! Such a same I quite liked her at some point..

  2. Boomer Said:

    Sadder still is Lindsay w/her over sized ego & fried mind prob thinks these pics r great. She’s clearly loaded, I’m embarrassed for her. If she thinks this is gona resurrect her low level career, that boat sailed away w/Oprah. I just really don’t think she has any remorse 4 her loathsome public behavior. It’ll either b jail again or a coffin, she cant do this to herself much longer. So very sad

  3. kim Said:

    … wait. blake lively, an A-lister? she’s a lukewarm B, at best. her film career rivals jessica alba’s.

  4. Corey Said:

    Who gives a fuck?

  5. Ryan Said:

    That thing she is wearing in the latter two shots, is a dress? I thought she had wrapped herself in a space blanket…no joke.

  6. Anonymous Said:

    It seems she has no respect for herself, it looks like someone the cat draged in not knowing what it was!

  7. bomb-d Said:

    If you are talking about her, good or bad, she wins, because guess what, you are talking about her… dun dun duuuun

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