Lindsay Lohan’s Credit Card Declined at Nightclub

Spotted: Lindsay Lohan‘s credit card getting declined at 1Oak in Southampton on Saturday night, but just how expensive were those seltzer waters, LiLo? I hear the bill was a whopping $2,500 — quite a large chuck of pocket change for someone claiming to be sober.

Lindsay Lohan


One of my socialite spies spotted Miss Lohan with her friends, surrounded by bottles of vodka and desperation at the nightclub. Lil Li was having quite the time and even offered to pick up the tab of her whole table, but thanks to her bad credit, her heroic moment turned into embarrassment.

“Lindsay freaked out when her card was declined,” the spy divulged. “Her friends and others in her group had to chip in to cover the bill.”

I was kind of shocked to hear this — not the part about the credit card getting declined of course, or the part about her being surrounded by alcohol. No, no. That’s pretty standard LiLo. But I was surprised to hear that she was back in my great state. I really thought that my minions and I had run her out of the country for good. Although she will be heading back across the pond soon enough to start her theatrical debut in London Playhouse Theatre’s Speed The Plow which opens on September 24.

Tell me, Upper East Siders, what do you think Lindsay and her friends could have possibly spent $2,500 on at this nightclub?


  1. uppereastsider Said:

    this is a charge from a nightclub in Southampton. Why are you asking for the opinions of we who live on the UES? Lindsey couldn’t even afford to live on the UES. Plus, she was in Southhampton…gross. Easthampton is where rich people like yours truly hang out.

  2. shayelia donovan Said:

    she has had to much work done to her self she doesn’t look younger she looks older. ;)

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