Lindsay Lohan’s Credit Cards Denied in NYC?!

Listen up, minions: I have reason number 4,872 why it’s royally awful to be Lindsay Lohan. An eagle-eyed Page Six spy spotted LiLo in NYC’s trendy SoHo district on a shopping spree at Rag & Bone–or trying to shop, at least….

“Lindsay was trying to buy something for around $300 but her credit cards were declined,” the source said. “She looked really embarrassed and tried to negotiate before her friend finally stepped in and paid.”

Lindsay Lohan Z100 jingle ball at MSG


I for one am shocked…that she has any friends. Who in their right mind would 1) hang out with her on purpose and 2) buy her things?! It honestly boggles my mind. I mean yes, I’m used to my followers bringing me lattes and macarons and new shoes if I break a heel, but I’m me–not Lindsay Lohan. Shudder.

I also hear that Linds is so broke that Oprah’s production company, OWN, had to pay for her apartment’s security deposit and first month’s rent–aka Lindsay has zero money in the bank or savings.

So let’s see–no cash, no credit? No hope of ever making it back onto the A-list…

Of course LiLo’s reps say all of this is completely false, but what do you think, loves?

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  1. Brooke Said:

    *Macaroons. Betch.

  2. Cassie Said:

    Brooke, macaroons and macaroons are two different things.

  3. Cassie Said:


  4. alexandra Said:

    I hope this isn’t true. Lindsay has her problems but she is still a sweet person who defends her parents when they’ve publicly betrayed her to paparazzi, etc. I hope that someday she finds herself again and gets back on track for her own sake

  5. L Said:

    I agree with Alexandra.

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