Lindsay Lohan Desperate to Escape Rehab

Shocker, I know, but Lindsay Lohan, who called rehab “completely pointless” is now feeling completely panicked since the Betty Ford center cut off her supply of Adderall. While LiLo insists that she has ADHD, the rehab facility has still decided to deprive her of her favorite medicine.

So Linds — never one to just follow the rules and make good choices — is “hellbent” on escaping from the clinic and getting her paws back on her beloved amphetamines.

lindsay lohan


I also hear that the center wants Lindsay’s bizarro parents, Dina and Michael Lohan, to attend therapy sessions with her. While her dad says he’s willing, Lindsay’s enabler mom isn’t. Again, shocker.

Is Betty Ford right to cut Lindsay off from Addy or should LiLo have access to her precious pills, if only for our amusement?


  1. Marie Said:

    Take her pills out!!! This girl needs to learn something, she doesn’t need rehab
    She needs jail time! Also Amanda Bines but that’s another story!!!

  2. vanessa Said:

    Fuck that bitch, she’s a screaming addict like the rest of us……..Give it up, and test her for add or adhd. Skank ass
    Gould do some real time, put her Ass in place.

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