Lindsay Lohan’s “Scary” New Downward Spiral

You just may faint from shock when you hear what I’m about to tell you, so try to fall backwards to avoid chipping your beautiful teeth, darlings.

Apparently Lindsay Lohan is back to her old trainwrecky tricks on the set of Scary Movie 5, in which she’s set to make a cameo opposite fellow loser Charlie Sheen. Actually no, that sentence implied that LiLo is actually on set for the flick, when in fact she’s missed her flight to Atlanta for filming, tried to fake pneumonia and is refusing to return producer’s phone calls! I hear that Linds is in a “downward spiral,” holed up in her NYC hotel, because she didn’t like how the script poked fun at her and called for a kiss with Charlie.

Think this is just another of Lindsay’s “moments,” or is there no light in sight for the future of her career?

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  1. jillian Said:

    Can’t stand her. She’s a stupid bitch and super unprofessional

  2. ggada Said:

    in mean girls or whatever film it was now again she was so qt and nice and a good actor but now she is a BITCH an other wannabee u know what im saying?♥

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