WTF Alert: Lindsay Lohan’s Half Sister Paid $25K to Look Like Her!

Little sisters often look up to their big sisters, but Ashley Horn is taking this to a whole ‘nother level.

Ashley is Lindsay Lohan‘s estranged half sis–the two share the same dad after Michael cheated on Dina in the 90s, and Ashley was the result… And now, in a super creepy attempt to ride the coattails of her famous big sis, Ashley is coming forward with a new look–a plastic surgery attempt to make her look more like LiLo:


In Touch Weekly

See the similarities? Yeah… me neither. But don’t tell Ashley that–I hear she shelled out $25K to achieve the same look as Lindsay. I guess the plastic surgeon was focused more on getting the overall vibe of Linds down, as opposed to the specific details. The doctor definitely nailed the look of desperation and hot mess. You know you love me. XOXO

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  1. unknown Said:

    هي احلى من اختها -مفحطة بسيكل جدتها

  2. Stephanie Said:

    Gossip Girl, can you clarify is this a before after and the one on the right is after the surgery? Or is the photo on the right Lindsay?

  3. Ally Said:

    The photo on the right (I believe) is Lindsay. The one on the left is her half-sister.

  4. erika Said:

    how stupid are you???!!! Hello!!

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