Lindsay Lohan Has a New Banker Boyfriend

Allegedly. At this point, I find it very hard to believe that anyone who is human would date Lindsay Lohan willingly, but, In Touch Weekly says that she’s dating an investment banker named Patrick Mahoney who she met in London while she’s there rehearshing for her upcoming play, Speed the Plow.

Lindsay Lohan At 'Weisses Fest 2014'

Monika Fellner/Getty Images

“She’s finally in a mature relationship with a really grounded guy,” says a source, who reveals that LiLo and her banker beau aren’t just late night shag buddies–they’re living together…with this two children.

“Lindsay helps the kids take baths. She really pitches in looking after them, and the girls really like her.”

Oh I’m sure they do. Lindsay is mentally still 14 so clearly she’d get along with children. But I’m not even sure that I believe someone is dating Lindsay let alone living with her and letting her interact with their children beyond the role of “cautionary tale.”

Do you think that Linds is finally getting her life together with a new play and grown up romance? Or is this just another fantasy concocted by a source, aka Lindsay herself?

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