WTF Alert: Lindsay Lohan Has a Sex List

Lindsay Lohan addressed rumors of her “sex list” with Andy Cohen on this week’s Watch What Happens Live. The list, which was written on a piece of Scattegories paper, includes the likes of Adam Levine, Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, James Franco, Heath Ledger and Collin Farrell, and is allegedly a list of Lindsay’s sexual conquests.

When Andy Cohen asked her about the list in his game of “Plead the Fifth,” Lindsay actually responded seriously, saying, “That was actually my fifth step in AA at Betty Ford. Someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must have taken a photo of it. That’s a really personal thing, and it’s really unfortunate.”

Girl, that is really unfortunate, but if you’re going to write such a list, you really need to burn after writing. Also, something smells funny to me with the Betty Ford of it all. I could potentially believe it, but does the alcohol treatment center really have its patients write these lists on Scattegories paper? Why not just a Pictionary version of Sex List, or (even better) Sex List Charades?


In any case, Lindsay will spill even more on her sex list and struggles with alcoholism on the two-hour finale of Lindsay on OWN. Then Oprah Winfrey can wash her hands of this hot mess, as there is no second season in the works. Oh Andy: looking for another Real Housewife?

What do you think, darlings: is Lindsay being honest about her sex list as the next logical step in recovery?


  1. Pepper Said:

    I think she is telling the truth, but I think she is an idiot for leaving a list like they anywhere near anyone else, especially if a camera or smart phone is in their hands!

  2. Gina Said:

    Ask anyone serious about their sobriety who is actively involved in AA (as I have been for 15 years). None of the steps requires a list of sexual partners. I think she was confusing that with the Health Department. And did she really not sleep with any of the skanky other (non-famous) men she hung around with?

  3. Phillip Hallam Said:

    If that list is accurate, it makes Lindsey sound like a desperate skank. What kind of “nice guy” boffs a chick, but has never seen with her publicly? Worse, who brags about being serially screwed like she was working on her bucket list? None of those guys should be proud to be on her list, and even less, so neither should Lindsey for publicizing it.

  4. Jade Said:

    @Phillip Hallam — They are celebrities phillip, you seldom will hear or see of them hanging around because of all the press. A woman who has plenty of sexytime doesn’t qualify the term skank or “serially screwed”

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