Lindsay Lohan Hooks Up With Max George, Steals His Sweatshirt/Dignity

Spotted: Lindsay Lohan making out with The Wanted’s Max George at a club in NYC over the weekend after his band’s performance at The Jingle Ball.

lindsay lohan


The next day LiLo posted a pic on Twitter of Max’s sweatshirt writing, “Missing something?”

lindsay lohan max george


I just…don’t even know where to start with this, darlings. First Lindsay started her now-infamous club brawl in late November over Max–who insisted that he had zero connection to Lindsay–then she trails the band to Philadelphia like a stalker. Horrifying times two? Yes. But even more frightening? Her creepy tactics seem to be working! Clearly she’s snagged Maxy’s attention, if only for one night.

While I should be flooded with rage that Linds got to spend so much time with one of the hottest boy bands in the world (you know One Direction has my heart), instead I can only strain my ears and listen to the sound of Max Geroge’s romantic stock taking a serious nose dive. What respectable starlet would dare be caught dating Lindsay Lohan’s sloppy seconds?

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