Hot Mess: Lindsay Lohan’s Miraculous Recovery!

Alert the Vatican! It’s a miracle! Mere days after Lindsay Lohan told Scary Movie 5 producers that she was far, far too sick to board a jet to Atlanta to film her cameo, lo and behold, a divine recovery has been made!

Somehow, LiLo pulled herselff off her deathbed (aka her luxury suite at the Bowery Hotel) and fought through her lethal pneumonia (aka a mild cold that she’s making up anyway) and managed to attend Lady Gaga’s fragrance launch last night at the Guggenheim museum in NYC.

Too bad she wore this dress, a dumpy leopard-print maxi with saggy peplum detail, paired with hoof-like stripper shoes. But I guess considering her oh-so-grave illness we should be thankful she’s not in a hospital gown…XOXO.

lindsay lohan lady gaga perfume launch



  1. InTroubles Said:

    Yeah! She really knows how to rid of the work! LOL

  2. ggada Said:

    SO LiLo!!♥

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