New Couple Alert: Lindsay Lohan’s New Model Boyfriend

Spotted: Lindsay Lohan strolling out of, where else, a club in the wee hours of Friday morning with baby-faced model, Liam Dean, on her arm. Apparently the pair have been seeing each other for a few weeks, and despite their differences (he’s 19, she’s 27–he’s employed, she’s a degenerate) they seem “really into each other,” says a spy of mine who saw them cuddling up at hotspot 1Oak.

lindsay lohan liam dean


Aside from the fact that he looks 11 years old, I think they make a rather nice couple in that freckled, ginger kind of way. But alas, I doubt that he’ll be her prince charming–he’s not even old enough to buy her booze. What could she possibly do with a guy lacking that crucial skill?

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  1. J Said:

    That makes me feel sick !

  2. Hannah Said:

    Ugh, seriously Lindsay? Gosh, you’re reminding me of Gabrielle Solis from Desperate Housewives.

  3. Am Said:

    Leave the poor girl alone. No one would be saying much if she was 19 and he was 27. I don’t keep up with her really but last I heard she was cleaning up her life. So yay for her finding happiness that is not in drugs or booze!!

  4. Blair Waldorf Said:

    I’m sure everyone here had no problem with Nate and his continuous relationship with his boss, so why down grade Lindsay? at least she’s getting more action than most people who are commenting.

  5. Veronika Said:

    Everyone is freaking out, but when Taylor Swift dated some Younger than her no one was “disgusted”?

  6. KG Said:

    I’ve seen his pics. Can anyone say “Twink” She may have saved him from a life of Gay Porn. Maybe they are just snuggle buddies? Anyway who cares. It’s interesting when people try to defend her. She has no real, honest talent, she is a train wreck with countless stupid case after case. A laughing stock. She’s a druggie and alcoholic, oh yeah like her life is so f*cking hard she has to escape. Maybe she’s trying to escape from the fact that she SUCKS!

  7. Amelia Said:

    I know exactly what she plans to do with him – groom him to be what she wants. Plus, if he is young like that, then she most likely won’t be getting told what to do or how to do it. She will be the boss. What other choice does she have? Anyone else would hold her to herself.

  8. Peeps Said:

    No one said anything when she dated old Jared Leto. Yes, he was cute…but old. So why bash women who date younger men. It seems to be working for Paris Hilton, who seems happier & more settled than ever. I think this younger guy could be really good for Lindsey. He’s hot, probably very sweet and sincere (unlike most older men).

  9. Anonymous Said:

    I don’t think anyone would be commenting if she was a 27 year old hottie with a younger guy. The problem is, she looks MUCH older than 27 – in her forties. And it doesn’t help that he looks younger, to put it mildly.

  10. Jack N. Meov Said:

    Better keep a rescue team close by as he looks skinny enough to slip into the skank stank tank on LILO and never to be seen or heard from again. Probally have lots of company though…..

  11. JudeThom Said:

    Why, he looks like a sleek young girl himself!

    He should go to gay bars!

  12. JudeThom Said:

    One more thing, he is actually prettier than she is!

  13. Tena D Said:

    Who’s life is it anyway? Oh wait, Lindsey’s!!!!!

  14. Tena D Said:

    She finally found her soulmate…this one’s long term folks!!!

  15. Jayme Said:

    So? He’s legal. If the ages were flipped nobody would say a word. As a matter of fucking fact… she was 16 when she dated a 23 year old Wilmer Valdarama and NOBODY said SHIT. Leave this girl alone. I think she’s phenomenal and if she’s happy then more power to her!

  16. Defy Convention Said:

    Ewww…I pray to GOD they’re using protection…our gene pool can’t stand this sort of pollution LOL

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