Love or Loathe: Lindsay Lohan on Chelsea Lately

Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab and on a mission to be liked again. And luckily for her, people actually want to help. Oprah’s taking her under her wing and Chelsea Handler gave her the keys to her show on Monday night.

During Lindsay’s guest host gig on Chelsea Lately, she cracked a few good jokes (my favorite: saying she was “allergic” to vodka because drinking it puts her “in rehab and jail”), and put a few celebs in their place.

Check out the clip below to see LiLo thank all the celebs who filled up the tabloids in her absence while she was at rehab. Do you think this is a sign she’s coming back strong, or a strong sign she’s fading fast? Tell me in a comment below!



  1. jon Said:

    Loved her, she looked great, and was funny, hoping she keeps it up

  2. joash Said:

    LiLo will always be LiLo. She’s one of the greatest actress that you’ll see. She deserves a chance!

  3. Georgina Sparks Said:

    Looking good Lindsay! Missed that smiles comin from ya. Loveya xoxo

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