Hot or Not: Lindsay Lohan on Glee

Seeing as it’s gala season, I hardly have time to sit around and watch a bunch of high school rejects break into song every time they have an emotion, but for my minions who do watch Glee, tell me what you think of last night’s cameo by Lindsay Lohan. The professional trainwreck played herself, and poked fun at her (failed) attempts at staging a comeback. Did you squeal with delight to see LiLo’s name in lights once more? Or is she still one small step away from Celebrity Rehab?

Lindsay Lohan on Glee



  1. Tiiff Said:

    wtf?? lilo on glee?????? THAT’S HORRIBLE!!!!!!!! glee is supposed to be clean and everything, she’ll mess up everything, she’s so bitchy it’ll ruin the series!

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