First Look: Lindsay Lohan’s Reality Show With Oprah

If you predicted that Lindsay Lohan’s reality show would be filled with tantrums, lies about how she wants to get sober, and Oprah falsely believing her lies (in that order) then you may want to jump a jet to Vegas darlings because you’re on a winning streak. I got my pretty little paws on a preview of Lindsay, the new OWN reality show, and it’s every bit as ridiculous as you’d expect…

It’s almost sad, minions; for every morsel of clarity LiLo seems to have, such as when she realizes that there are no new scenes and parties for her to see, you almost want to root for her. But then she has a fit, fails to show up or simply just starts speaking with those ridiculously inflated lips of hers. And those ratty extensions! They’re the true villain of this show, if you ask me.

Personally, I’m not sure why Oprah is so obsessed with getting Lindsay back on track. Best case scenario she’d make some dopey rom-com, not cure cancer. When someone has all the resources in the world and still refuses to clean up their act, can you even feel sorry for them anymore?

Clearly though, I will watch the show. I love a good trainwreck and bad plastic surgery! Will you be setting your DVR, darlings? Or are you totes oves the Lohan disaster?

Lindsay Lohan and a male companion leave a private address in London


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