LOLZ! Lindsay Lohan Gets Rejected…By Jude Law’s 17-year-old Son!

Remember a few months ago when I told you about Lindsay Lohan’s then-fling, a model named Morgan who said that despite being 18 and LiLo being 27, she was too immature for him? Well it seems that Lindsay felt like perhaps an 18-year-old was just far too geriatric for her…so she set her sights on Jude Law’s 17-year-old son, Rafferty.

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Witnesses during London Fashion week’s DKNY show, where Raf strutted down the runway, saw Lindsay make a beeline for him after the presentation…only to get seriously shot down. Ha and ha, darlings!

“Rafferty wanted nothing to do with her,” tattled a spy-witness. “Lindsay tried and tried to meet him or get his number, but Raf completely ignored her. He thought she was super creepy, since she’s 10 years older.”

Yuck. I’m sure he could smell her before she got within 10 feet of him. Oh and one more thing–Lindsay also slept with his dad. Yes, back in 2007, LiLo bedded Jude Law during a fling in London. (?!?!?)

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While it’s very tempting to switch brothers when you’ve realized you picked the less hot one, you cannot do this with dads and sons. And believe me when I say, I think just about every bad behavior can be justified (except for wearing polyester or having a visible panty line, obvs). But this is just about as close to rock bottom as you can get, Linds, especially considering that most teenage boys would die to have an older girl take an interest in them. And can we please note that Raf looks like he’s about 11 years old? Triple the creep factor.

If you were Raf, how would you have reacted to LiLo’s advances? And are there any father-son duos who make you seriously wonder who is hotter?


  1. NON STORY Said:

    Sounds like a non-story. I bet Lindsey was just trying to touch base with the Law family (to find out how Jude was doing) through his son. Maybe just to be polite, bc I don’t think she’s romantically interested in Jude anymore. Usually older men are just a fling. Most girls don’t actually marry or settle down with an older man like Jude, especially not with one with a bunch of kids & baby mama problems.

    And this young guy looks like a girl. Definitely not Linsday’s type. LOL

  2. Lara Said:

    Omg, you do know that Jude Law is dead, right?

  3. Cammy Said:

    Lara darling Jude Law is very much alive I think you’re confusing him. Do some research ;-)

  4. mel Said:

    Non-Story, you do remember that linds dated a girl, right?

  5. raph Said:

    i’m sure this guy is gay! i mean what teenage boy whould pass to hang out with one of the most beautiful girls in the world? a gay guy so… i just think the story its very stupid and people like to tell shiit about lilo, i know she’s cra-cra a little but come on give her a change she’s trying to chance and i always gonna luv her<3 i don't believe this story is true i hate when they tell cra-cra story's like this ahh it pis me off

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