Lindsay Lohan “Too Childish” For Her Teenage Boyfriend?

You know your life is a disaster when a pack of rich teenage models declares you too immature to deal with. Such is the case with 27-year-old Lindsay Lohan, who’s adolescent antics proved too much for her 18-year-old boyfriend, model Morgan O’Connor.

morgan o'connor


My minion tells me that Morgan has grown tired (shocker) of his fling with LiLo and stopped returning her calls, but that Lindsay either didn’t get the hint–or just plain didn’t care.

“She finds out where Morgan is, then shows up and causes problems,” says the spy, recalling one particularly pathetic incident where Linds showed up uninvited at Morgan’s NYC hotel and threw a tantrum because other girls were there.

lindsay lohan


“Morgan was staying at the Dream Downtown, and Lindsay showed up and found out which room he was in,” my witness tattled. “She knocked on his door, came in and started bitching Morgan out. She was ordering all the girls to leave, telling one that her Balmain jeans were fake. She said she wouldn’t leave till they all left. These kids are 18.”

Then there was that icky little incident in Miami where she trailed him to a club and became unglued when he was–le gaspI!–hanging out with another girl his own age.

“She ran up and kissed him, then tried to kick the girl out,” reported my minion.

Morgan and his clique are a lot like my own–young, rich and tres influential–and Lindsay isn’t too smart to make people like us her enemy. She may be a bold-face name, but everyone who’s anyone knows that it’s the true kings and queens of society don’t need press to pull the strings. You know you love me…XOXO.




  1. anonymous Said:

    OMG…this gal is even immature for a 18 year old…so Lindsay next time u can date a 15 year old…:P
    P.S u r crazy

  2. gossipgirls623 Said:

    OMG is right , she’s a immature cougar who needs to find some her own age who can tolerate her child like games….
    xoxo gossip girl.

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