Is Lindsay Lohan Writing a Tell-All Book?

I didn’t realize that Lindsay Lohan could read much less write, so I was shocked when my minion reported that publishing houses are offering the “actress” six-figures to pen her memoirs. I mean, would you read a book written by someone who dresses like this:

lindsay lohan


May we just discuss this “outfit” for a moment? Cheap, pleather boots, ratty Kool-Aid dyed extensions, and that shirt! Horrific, darlings! Is she seriously trying to sell herself as an author while wearing a pun? I can’t think of anything less funny and more tragic.

But nevertheless, my spies tell me that LiLo has taken several meetings with lit agents and publishers and plans to write a tome based on her rehab diaries. If that’s the case she should have a lot of material considering she’s been in rehab six times. Why, I’ve never even ridden the subway six times! Actually I’d probably rather go to rehab than descend into the bowels of the mass transit system. Yuck.

Do you think this rumor is actually courtesy of Lindsay herself, a vain attempt to make us think she’s still relevant? Or do you secretly think that a LiLo tell-all would fly off the shelves?

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