Lindsay Lohan Wants to Mentor Girls. Seriously.

Yes minions, you read that right. Lindsay Lohan has put out feelers to become a mentor to girls at Trinity Athletics in Georgia, which gets underprivileged young ladies involved in gymnastics and cheerleading. Because…LiLo knows anything about either of those? Or being a productive human being in general? In fact, the only things Linds is qualified to teach involve raiding hotel minibars, toeing the line between celebrity and prostitute, and ruining designer dresses in the least amount of time.

Darlings, if you know of any such organization, please do let me know. In the meantime, the Trinity Athletic center is politely pumping the brakes on Lindsay’s request, saying that while they do appreciate her interest, she may only be of use to the girls as an example of what not to do…XOXO.

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