Lindsay Lohan’s Bank Account Seized By the IRS!

Why anyone would want to snatch up anything that belongs to Lindsay Lohan is beyond me. But I suppose her bank account is a different story. The Internal Revenue Service has seized control of LiLo’s bank account in efforts to get some of the tax money she owes the government–nearly $250,000, darlings. And that’s just for 2009 and 2010–I hear that Linds hasn’t bothered to pay her 2011 taxes either, despite making $2 million that year alone.

I recently told you that Charlie Sheen cut Lindsay a $100,000 check for her tax bill, but that has barely made a dent in her financial woes, which are only getting worse thanks to her arrest last week for fighting in an NYC nightclub.

If the government fails to get its cash, the next step will be garnishing her wages or imprison her. Looks like the IRS will have to get in line on that one…XOXO.

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  1. ggada Said:

    she is a bitch, now isnt she?or is she just stupid?or maybe both?

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