Someone Believes in Lindsay Lohan’s Comeback

Someone other than Dina Lohan and Michael Lohan believes in Lindsay Lohan’s comeback (and no, it’s not Ali Lohan, either). Director Paul Haggis presented Lindsay with the “Biggest Comeback” trophy at the Ischia Film Festival (which is like Cannes, except that it’s in Italy, no one has ever heard of it and there aren’t yachts. So…nothing like Cannes.). Oprah is either super proud…or laughing at the absurdity from her throne at OWN network.

Theo Wargo/NBC/Getty Images

The Oscar-winning director Paul Haggis even said that he looked forward to working with LiLo at some point as he was presenting her the award. It’s a very sweet sentiment, but clearly he missed the episodes of Lindsay that showed the girl not showing up on time for anything ever.

I always love a good comeback story (almost as much as I love a hot mess story), so I’d like to believe Linds is getting her act together. It’s going to take a little more than a trophy at some second-rate film festival for me to forget The Canyons, Liz & Dick and the past 7 years of Lindsay’s erratic behavior.

What say you, minions? Did Lindsay earn her trophy, or should someone have engraved a “Hot Mess of the Century” plaque for her instead.


  1. KookieBabe Said:

    Yeah she really earned her trophy…congratz LiLo ♥♡♥

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