Stolen: Lindsay Lohan’s Computer–and Maybe Her Naked Pics?

Whoever stole Lindsay Lohan‘s laptop at the airport in Shanghai, China, is in for a rude awakening when they discover what’s on there…I hear that Linds is so freaked out that her naked pics will be leaked, she’s offering a reward for anyone who returns it. And not just any reward darlings… “Whatever it takes.” Even she is scared for the well-being of humanity if those pics are seen. Shudder.

There’s also talk of private messages between her and various celebs including Woody Allen and Lady Gaga stored on the laptop that LiLo hopes will stay private. I can only imagine what they say….

Darlings, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: just say no to nude pics–while I do love reporting on celebs’ scandalous snaps, I don’t want it to happen to you. Precious readers, you know I love you…

But I don’t love LiLo, so let’s play a little game at her expense, shall we? What do you think those private messages are about? Speculate in the comments below. XOXO

Lindsay Lohan Z100 jingle ball at MSG




  1. ohlala Said:

    i imagine some messages like woody allen saying that she’s over and addicted to drugs, and lilo saying that she’s recovered and sober and begging for a job…something like that! lol

  2. Jeffrey Said:

    I suppose those messages are about her being workless and pennyless and in need for a good-paid-job. Or that she just hates to be interviewed for almost nothing.

  3. Christopher L. Tolbert Said:

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