LOL! Taylor Swift’s Cringe-Worthy Moment on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

There are a few things Ellen Degeneres can pull off, darlings: Converse as formal wear (I’m looking at you, Kristen Stewart), forcing celebrities to dance, and my favorite, teasing Taylor Swift about her abysmal love life.

T.Swifty stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday to promote her new album, Red, but El took the opportunity to quiz T about which ex “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” could be about, even giving her a giant bell to ring when the beau in question was flashed up on the screen. Ellen also seems to have a pre-occupation with Taylor’s supposed romance with Zac Efron (which T claims never actually happened). All in all, poor Taylor’s appearance added up to one giant cringe-fest. Delightful, darlings!

Take a look and tell me who you think Tay’s biggest hit could be about…XOXO.

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  1. ggada Said:

    hahaha LOL ellen is so fun!poor Tay..♥♥

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