Hot Mess: Lorde at the MuchMusic Awards

Lorde has never exactly wowed me with her fashion choices–and that’s putting it kindly. In fact, she usually looks like she wandered off the set of The Craft sequel, drowning her figure in black, velvet, or combinations thereof. But I had hoped that last night’s MuchMusic awards in Canada would finally see little Lorde redeem her previously bad fashion choices.


Sonia Recchia/Getty Images

I am not exaggerating when I say this is the worst outfit I’ve seen all year, possibly ever. An oversized, dog-doo brown polyester suit. PAIRED WITH WHITE ORTHOPEDIC SHOES. Oh and let’s not forget that Designing Women hat, darlings, nor her woefully unflattering signature raisin-colored lipstick (one’s teeth need to be spotlessly white to pull off a dark color) which I am so beyond over.

I truly cannot say one good thing–or even one polite thing–about this outfit. I know Lorde is working on some new music and I sincerely hope this isn’t a preview of her second-album style. I just don’t think my poor nerves could take it.

What’s your thought on Lorde’s look? The most terrible thing you’ve seen in 2014? Or can she pull off just about anything?


  1. lol Said:

    At least she makes good music. I bet you can’t sing to save your life.

  2. - Said:

    she obviously doesn’t care about what anyone thinks about her so props to her :) .

  3. --- Said:

    lol, she doesn’t make good music. She sucks.

  4. Jenni Said:

    That is the worst outfit i have seen on her!!! Plus she should work on her posing…

  5. Bella Said:

    Stop being so damn judgemental. Who cares what she wears, man. It’s up to her and we shouldn’t bash her for it. It’s clearly not your taste but hey, it’s hers. We all have different opinions so just leave her be.

  6. Arianne Said:

    It’s not that bad, I thought it was worst but she’s a singer, not a top model so why are we always judging them for their outfits ?

  7. reana Said:

    So gross. Her music is horrible. And look at her teeth. Hideous.

  8. lol Said:

    lol and I suppose you’re a better singer? Fuck off and come back here when you’ve won a Grammy.

  9. David Said:

    Lorde is disgusting she’s ugly Af and I agree she needs to stop.

  10. Luís Said:

    Seriously, I totally agree with u, her songs are pretty cool, too bad she can’t wear music.

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