Feud Alert: Lorde Disses Drake and Nicki Minaj

I knew I liked Lorde… The 16-year-old “Royals” singer is back at it again, dissing celebrities and starting some feuds. A girl after my own heart… This time, she’s got some choice words to describe Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lana Del Rey: “completely irrelevant.” Burn!

“Around the middle of last year I started listening to a lot of rap, like Nicki Minaj and Drake, as well as pop singers like Lana Del Rey,” Lorde confessed in Interview magazine. “They all sing about such opulence, stuff that just didn’t relate to me—or anyone that I knew.  I began thinking, “How are we listening to this?”

Guess L just doesn’t like it when every song’s like gold teeth, grey goose, trippin’ in the bathroom…

While I do love the finer things, I’m going to go with Lorde on this one, loves. Why listen to others sing about the luxe life when you’re living it yourself? Do you agree with Lorde that these singers should just STFU or should everyone be able to sing about whatever they want, including the Cadillacs in their dreams? Let’s discuss in the comments below!





  1. Emily Said:

    She’s so dumb. Lana Del Rey is amazing and artists are allowed to make songs about what they want. Just because “Lorde” doesn’t think it’s interesting because she bases her whole career off of desperately trying to seem deep and different, doesn’t mean they’re. Maybe you’re just a sour bitch.

  2. vf Said:

    “She’s so dumb. Lana Del Rey is amazing and artists are allowed to make songs about what they want.” I COMPLETELY AGREE! Besides, who is Lorde to call other people irrelevant? This girl needs to stop. Even though she may have talent, she needs to respect other artists, specially Lana who is an amazing one (and so much better than her!).

  3. Mia Said:

    Emily wrote it perfectly: “Sour Bitch”

  4. Anon Said:

    I love her voice and music, but so far her public personality has been so rude! Definitely not star quality.

  5. Ashley Said:

    ummm…. everyone is entitled to their own opinion but she needs to grow the fuck up and stop trashing everyone. im sorry but lana is better than that bitch will ever be. so shut the fuck up

  6. Shannon Said:

    I can respect people defending Lana, but Lorde is a much bigger talent. Have you seen Lana’s infamous SNL performance..? Lorde is only 16, she’s going to say things she’ll regret & will make some comments. I love her though. She’s not fake and speaks what’s on her mind. She’s talking about their music, it’s not like she’s dissing their bodies, skin colors, or faces. Give her a break. Besides, Pure Heroine blows anything Nicki has ever made. At least Drake & Lana can put together some decent albums, Nicki has no talent.

  7. maddy Said:

    She didnt call them irrelevant, shes saying their lyrics are irrelevant to her because she cant relate to any of it.

  8. Catnyss Said:

    She need to stay in her place. She is so new in there, how can she even dare talking like this about artists that have a more important carreer behind them than she does. And really honestly, ” Royals ” isn’t THE hit of the year when it comes to the lyrics. Stupid kid.

  9. Angela Said:

    I like Lorde for her opinion. Every celebrity acts so nice just to have a reputation.

    I haven’t listened to Drake, so I’m not going to say anything about his music. Although, I have listened to Nicki Manaj and all she does is autotune. She also said, “If you can’t sing, just use autotune!” and she probably doesn’t even write her own songs (that’s just a guess.)

  10. Kitty Said:

    Wow, isn’t she so rude? Well, here’s what I want her to know. When did she took that picture, actually? because she looks like she is an 84 year old that does drugs for a living. sorry L but you just need to STFU.

  11. blabla Said:

    i dont even know who lorde is. but yeah drake and nicki are pretty bad. lana is good

  12. Shabba Said:

    Go figure Lana del Ray is relevant to a 16 year old. I don’t like Nicki Minaj and haven’t listened to Drake, but I like some of Lana’s song. I am happy she said that they are irrelevant to her. Because it’s impossible for all artists to be relevant to every body. I love Lorde’s music though and she is one of the few artists whose lyrics I can relate to.
    And finally someone who has the guts to say something and not to play nice all the time, it’s lovely to see a young girl be genuine.

  13. Kaleb Said:

    Oh god will she just stop. Lana is so talented and her music is so inspirational, since when did it become Lorde’s job to be a bitch.

  14. Bey Said:

    This Lorde girl be Cray Cray if she thinks her new ass will be taken seriously, grow up then see if we take you seriously Amy Winehouse wannabe.

  15. Mariana Said:

    Lana del Rey is amazing and she should do her research cause Lana does not sing pop, she sings indie and I love her. I have to agree with the Nicki Minaj part I just simply hate her.

  16. Catherine Said:

    I think people are blowing everything WAY out of proportion. This isn’t really a diss AT ALL. She’s just saying while she did enjoy and listen to their songs they weren’t relevant to her lifestyle and social background. No reason to get your panties in a bunch over it.

  17. Aiman Said:

    This bitch seriously needs to stop. The things she say about other tell more about herself. So mean.

  18. A Said:

    She has one hit song and before she knows it – no one will even remember her name

  19. Jordan Said:

    THANK YOU!! I couldn’t agree more. I love drake, but she’s right. I’m tired of hearing unrelatable songs about people bragging about their opulent wealth, we get it. Enough is enough, it’s time for artists to stop bragging and focus on the music.

  20. Isabel Said:

    Misleading much??? GG went on FB (E! did the same thing) and wrote “Find out who she’s calling ‘irrelevant'”. First of all, Lorde said she thought their MUSIC was irrelevant, she didn’t say it personally. Teenagers can’t relate to the majority of the lyrics in Drake/Nicki Minaj’s songs. I love Lana so much, but Lorde does have a point. Lana consistently sings about heart ache and love and drugs etc.. I don’t think that’s setting up a good model for people right now.

  21. R Said:

    Everyone is untitled to heir own opinion, whether you agree or disagree, period.

  22. A Said:

    LORDE IS A COMPLETE BITCH much hate from me

  23. laura Said:

    Drake and Niki minaj fair enough, but she clearly isn’t smart enough to internet Lana correctly. I suggest she picks up a copy of Of Mice and Men.

  24. sick of American gossip shit Said:

    If you listen to any of the FULL interviews with Lorde and not just the trashy headlines then you’d realise she hardly disses anyone. For example, her comments about Taylor Swift, all she said was she doesn’t like the way media places her (as an example of all celebrities) on a pedestal as some perfect, unattainable , superhuman and that she wanted people to see celebrities, (including herself) as human rather than icons.

  25. Lana is a lie Said:

    Lana Del Ray was a washed up singer named Lizzie Grant and nobody was interested in her music. It wasn’t until her millionaire father stepped in and she came back with botox and a new pin up girl, high class image that any of you gave a damn about who she was. I used to like her and then I saw her live, twice… she actually can not hold a note, she was absolutely awful. She autotunes her voice. Anybody can do what she does, you just need autotune and a rich daddy to make you the right image

  26. Timmy Said:

    This bitch thinks she’s on top of the world. Someone needs to knock her down and make her realize that one song doesn’t make you feel that you rule the world. What a rude bitch.

  27. J Said:

    If she doesn’t like their song, she shouldn’t have listened to it. easy peasy. She’s such a rude bitch, and she may think that because she have talent, she could become disrespectful and already become a superstar.Superstar my ass. I don’t like nicki, and never listened to drake yet. But, i like Lana. Every musician have their own style, whether you like it or not, there is always someone out there like it or dislike it too. what a bitch.

  28. shoaib Said:

    Lorde who ain’t even good just starts sayin shit about some of the best in the music industries has just started 2 make a name of herself is she carries on someone gonna say somthin 2 ger face that she don’t like

  29. shoaib Said:

    I really want someone to send her hospital or report her to the mental hospotals cuz if she thinks drake and nicki are bad she must be mad

  30. rachel cowling Said:

    I’m more of a rock person when it comes to music and dont bother with much music currently in the charts. I just cant be stuffed, however I’ve at least heard of Nicki Minaj and LDR. Who or wtf is Lorde or the royals. Who’s irrelevant now. Granted I dont know if they’re any good….but with her in the mix,I’m not sure I wanna find out

  31. Acey Said:

    So Lorde FYI is a gorgeous genius, I’m so happy she’s come out against these headliners, Drake & Nicki they drive me so nuts, honestly it’s break time America, especially for these 2. I am so sick of their lyrics without substance, half truths, pun sentences, saying something’s good when it’s bad, tempting, boring & lame. They are entirely disrespectful to anyone or anything besides the object or emotion of their song, that’s not music, that’s poison. Lorde knows who she is and isn’t so tainted.

  32. Jem Said:

    seriously… she should just leave them alone. I love nicki drake and lana… and they’ve all managed to stay popular for a long time, she’s only been around for like a month!

  33. Paulina Said:

    I liked her , but now …
    Just let Lana del Rey out of it, and everything will be fine , agh
    So silly

  34. Ruthann Said:

    well Lorde’s just jealous cuz she’s so damn ugly and drake, nicki, and LANA are so beautiful and talented

  35. Daisy Said:

    Why is everyone commenting on her looks? That’s sexism. You think girls (Lorde) have to look good and impress you. Well, you’re basically the person Lorde is complaining about.
    I haven’t listened to Lana Del Rey, but Nicki Manaj and Drake aren’t TALENTED.
    Nicki Manaj probably has a terrible voice without her autotune by her brothers. Why is anyone even a fan of her music? It’s all fake.
    Drake, Okay, I hate rap music. It’s basically rhyming except with music in the background.
    Point made?

  36. Kevin Said:

    Sours bitch first off all respect those who came before you

  37. CAlex Said:

    Lorde i love you and your music and all but….I really love Drake’s as well. His music brings out a different likeness in me and maybe you’ve never actually heard any of his songs.
    Drake is a talented rapper, that’s all i have to say. My opinion inst right or wrong, just an opinion.

  38. S Said:

    There’s no feud, she’s just speaking what’s on her mind. Everyone needs to chill :)

  39. J Said:

    Lorde is like a breath of fresh of air.There’s too much of the same thing nowadays.She isn’t out there to please each and everyone.She speaks her mind, do what she wants and she comes clean and apologizes when she thinks its necessary. And for the most part she wasn’t dissing the person, it’s their lyrics.And the picture was for a magazine promoting Royals if I’m not mistaken.Can’t find anything wrong about her songs and talents ei,so you’re going for her looks.You’re the ones needed to grow up.

  40. Zero Said:

    lol I feel like the TMZ writer who wrote this article doesn’t understand Lorde’s song. He keeps “subtly” jabbing at the fact that Lorde mentions gold teeth and grey goose in her song, but isn’t realizing that she’s speaking against it, just the same way she’s speaking against Drake and Minaj. And, “Cadillacs in our dreams” is the same idea. A Cadillac is relatively affordable, compared to a Maybach. But, she’s saying she’s so poor she’s still dreaming about Cadillacs! Pay attention TMZ dude.

  41. lucie Said:

    lorde is only doing this for attention,as she is not very famous.You don’t see drake and nicki minaj complaining about others music.this is for attention.Rapping is completely different to singing and she dosent understand that. Rapping is something personal or open to you.Nicki minaj has albums that have gone platinum all over the world.More than lorde. Nicki has only been in the game for 4 years and already has more than 510 awards, just behind michael Jackson. He has 750 awards(45 years).

  42. Lauren Said:

    Royals actually did get Song of the Year last night on the Grammy’s, just found that interesting with this comment below.

    She need to stay in her place. She is so new in there, how can she even dare talking like this about artists that have a more important carreer behind them than she does. And really honestly, ” Royals ” isn’t THE hit of the year when it comes to the lyrics. Stupid kid.

    I agree that everyone should be able to make music that best suits them, there is no right or wrong.

  43. TexasDey Said:

    It’s a fact that Lorde possesses a voice that seems mature for her age, but unless she is singing she seems immature. I’m not sure what the point of her dissing so many other performers is. If as I suspect, she is doing it for the attention. All she is going to get is negative attention. Fame is a fickle bitch, and at some point she may need an assist from some of these other performers when her star starts to fade. I’m finding her hard to like.

  44. justin Said:

    Uh, folks: Lorde is right. Those other ‘artists’ you take so much offense at her pointing out their lack of talent, are just that: talentless. None of those folks have any talent. The folks running Pro Tools and Auto-tune have talent, but the artists (loose) do not

  45. Alan Said:

    Lorde sucks, of course she cant relate to any of these artists because she hasnt lived through anything they talk about. Shes from New Zealand stay there

  46. Rhaydioactive Said:

    Lorde is an Old Bitch. Why d fuck is she dissing My Nicki? And yo! All of U dissing Nicki are all RETARDS!! Olde! Needs to cement her old, coloured, weak and fallen out teeth! WITCH!

  47. Rhaydioactive Said:

    Shannon U’re an old Bitch, get ur sagged pussy out of here. And, oh, Alan; U ARE A DISGRACE TO ALL ALANS AND INFACT MAN HOOD, WTF!

  48. RACHEL Said:

    SOUR BITCH!HER CLOTHES ARE UGLY? People don’t Know fashion and DAM & her OPION what she fills!And im am a huge fan of them both of them its just saying they need to STEP THEIR GAME UP!

  49. uzuunov Said:


  50. Matt Requejo Said:

    That Lorde BITCH should SHUTUP ! ! ! ! ! She can’t sing for shit ! ! ! Why does the radio keep on playing her CRAP ? ? ?

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