Scene & Heard: Lorde Doesn’t Want a Fanbase Name

Swifties. Beliebers. Mahomies. Lovatics. Little Monsters. For every huge star, an army of their loyal fans instantly assembles and dubs themselves some sort of clever name, usually a pun that gets less and less funny every time you hear it. But while Lorde has a stage name that practically begs for a fanbase title, the Kiwi teen says thanks but no thanks to that idea:

“I find it grating to lump everyone into a really awkward, pun-centric name. People joke about it on Twitter, ‘You should call us The Disciples’. Never! I have discouraged it. I’ve tweeted multiple times, ‘No fan name, I do not condone this.'”



Ugh lighten up, Lolo! (That’s my new nickname for her BTW, so get on board.) I’m kind of over being told to throw my hands up in the air constantly hearing about all the things Lorde doesn’t like and doesn’t approve of. Plus, she should wise up to the fact that you can’t control your fans with an iron fist and if they want to brand themselves something, let them! All it does it solidify your stardom and grow your fame which, last time I check, was kind of the point?

Plus, all Lorde’s insistence makes me want to come up with a fanbase name even more, don’t you agree? So, just to ruffle her gothic little feathers, let’s brainstorm as many fan names as we possibly can darlings! I’ll start: Worshippers, Parishioners, Royal Subjects, Teammates.

Have a better idea? Leave it in the comments, loves, and I’ll be sure to slip the list to your girl next time I see her skulking about looking for something else to complain about…XOXO.

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  1. Anastasia Said:


  2. Anastasia Said:

    Either lords or royals

  3. Eugenia Said:

    Well, the Lords, maybe?

    Though I honestly wonder how one could be fan of her… Her music is not even that good and all the she does is complaining. And she obviously has a terrible taste in clothing.

  4. rly? Said:

    Its’s up to her. They can find their ‘Fanbase-name’. Tbh. One year later after the ‘Selenators’ find the fanbase-name Selena Called them ‘Selenator.’ I think Lorde, is too Boring. Like rly. What is her problem. She hates all the disney stars, Ok. She dont want her fans to make a Fanbase-name. Rly, come into the fight Lorde.

  5. Jameela Said:

    I think you should call them her Royal Subjects!!!! That is a excellent idea!!

  6. Bárbara Said:


  7. Crissa Said:

    I think ROYALES (with an E) sounds kind cute and fitting no* ?

  8. Constance Said:

    Lordes and Ladies

  9. Melanie Said:

    What a miserable kiwi cow she is!!!

  10. RiRi Said:

    Some one needs to tell her that she’s not the queen of all living things, even though she seams to act like it “i don’t approve this” ” I don’t want that” “I don’t like that” WHO DA HELL ASKED YOU, BITCH!

    and are you sure she is 16? she looks like she is in her late 50s’…I mean look at her! would it hurt to atleast to try some light colored lipstick..OR SMILE FOR ONCE!

  11. Felicia Said:

    What about Loyals? It’s a mixture of Lorde and Royal really. I think the fan base name has finally been found.
    Thanks to me…. ☺️

  12. Jet Said:

    Aristocrats maybe? ^^ or Royals.

  13. Van Said:

    “Omg, Lorde is so boring. I hate her.”

    …you read this article, fools. You are at least intrigued by what she had to say about her fans.

    “I don’t like her music.”

    …no is forcing you to listen.

    She doesn’t need a named fan-base. Her music is likely boring to you because you aren’t listening to the words. She writes things well beyond her years, and it’s paired musically sound rhythms and melodies. Do some research before you hate her, children. Grow up.

  14. me Said:

    I find it stupid either, so fuck it!! we are her fans and we dont want/need to do the same as all the rest. besides her filosofy is to be different from these crappy teenstars, they are all the same!

  15. Queen S Said:

    Um no Lorde, shut the fuck up and let your fans do what they want, call themselves what they want because if it weren’t for them you wouldn’t be here. Like stop already, stop being such a pathetic little bitch whining about everything. I don’t even understand why you have fans in the first place. Well anyway, stop trying your best to act all matured and grown up. You’re coming off as a little desperate. Get your shit together Lorde or everyone will start to hate you.

  16. Vedesh Nath Said:

    Unfortunately not everyone is in the business for fans GG. Chill!

  17. Helena wollan Said:


  18. cami Said:

    Prayers. Royalty. Donters. Complainers.
    Or maybe, if she is “lord”,

  19. Axel Said:

    I hate that bitch, she’s such a pain in the ass!

  20. Ranie Said:

    maybe it should be Royalords

  21. Jess Miller Said:

    I cannot believe Taylor is friends with this girl… theyre total opposites!

  22. R Said:

    lol i like royal subjects!!! or peasants, because thats how she treats everyone

  23. Emma Said:

    I think she has a right to say that considering embracing a fan base name would would contribute to working against what she says in her music. It’s part of celebrity culture and royals is condemning that, with her other songs in a similar vein. Does no one else see that?

  24. Andra Said:

    I like her. Have you consideret the fact that maybe she sings for the love of music and not to be a fame whore like other artists?

  25. emma Said:

    This girl doesn’t deserve the fame or the money, ungrateful bitch. Walking on to the scene with her first single slamming other artists and being such a fucking bore in interviews. COME ON GIRL YOURE LIVING THE DREAM it wouldn’t hurt to smile on the red carpet you bitch thats what id be doing if I got half the chance to walk on it! Such a cow! And I am only slamming her personality here, I recognise that she is talented but that doesn’t give her the right to be such an ignorant pig

  26. kate Said:

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  27. Gossip Guy Said:


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