Lorde Working on Makeup Collection With MAC

Lorde has truly entered into It Girl territory, darlings. Not only is the 16-year-old’s music on constant repeat on my iPod (that right there says a lot), but she’s inching her way into celebrity cliques (starting with Taylor Swift’s) and is now collaborating on a makeup collection with MAC. You’re basically nobody in entertainment until you’ve got your own line of something….

Although, I’m not quite sure makeup should be her thing. I do love Lorde, but I’ve never been a fan of the super dark colors she chooses to wear. And I’ve also critiqued her look on more than one occasion as being clownish and costumey and obviously, very unflattering to her pretty face.

I’m sure the line will be inspired by the dark looks she loves, but since it’s a summer collection, perhaps the experts at MAC will steer her into the right direction when it comes to choosing colors that are nothing like this:

Lorde makeup


What do you think, dolls? Will Lorde’s line be a colorful success or does the future of its sales look gray? Tell me your predictions in a comment below! XOXO

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  1. K Said:

    I’ve been a fan of most of her lip colours but her eye makeup is always unflattering and looks unfinished.

  2. ari Said:

    She’s 17, not 16

  3. lou Said:

    just want to say that her necklace is little J’s ! :(

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