Watch a 12-Year-Old Lorde Perform in a Battle of the Bands

Lorde Delta Airlines Pre-Grammy Party


Every It Girl has one of those awkward school performance videos lurking around only to make its way onto the internet when they least expect it. Actresses have middle school plays, singers have talent shows, and I have a fashion club runway show (but try as you might to get your dirty little paws on it, only two recordings of it exist: mine and the one that they’re saving for the Smithsonian because it was that amazing…)

However, I did get my pretty hands on Lorde’s battle of the bands performance from middle school, and while I’m not tres impressed with her vocals or on-stage presence, I guess it’s not bad for a 12-year-old:

Her group (which came up with the most unoriginal band name ever: “Extreme”), ended up coming in third place that day. Lesson learned, minions? Working hard gets you places. OR… Just get rid of the people who are holding you back, and you’ll win a Grammy. XOXO


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  1. Claire Said:


  2. Lilianna Said:

    Lordé Says: “You know, I think we should all appreciate that I actually got over my stage fright. So did that girl in the purple T-shirt whose name is Anna. Very difficult, but I am proud of myself.
    I really think that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but this is mine. Sorry that I’ m not hurt by hate!

  3. Busta Said:

    Honestly, she had way more stage presence in this than she does at award shows. Bleh

  4. ianamary Said:

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