Watch: Louis Tomlinson’s Painful Tackle During Charity Soccer Game

One Direction‘s Louis Tomlinson: Singer? Yes. Manly man? Uh, no. LT made the grave mistake of signing up for a charity soccer tournament involving actual professional soccer players, and quickly got in over his head.

An Aston Villa forward, Gabriel Agbonlahor, tackled our poor little Louis and while it may have just been a run-of-the-mill tumble for a pro, Louis got absolutely destroyed. If you dare, Directioners, take a look and try not to weep. Everyone else, please keep your giggles to a minimum.

Ouch. But if you think Louis took it like a man, think again. He spent several minutes rolling around in agony on the ground, then proceeded to barf all over the place. And, OF COURSE, a jillion insane 1D fans took to Twitter to lob death threats at the team. File that under “G” for “Get a life.”

Louis Tomlinson


Louis is apparently fine now, but next time perhaps he should stick to playing sports with other 120 pound pop stars–Justin Bieber, check your email.

You know you love me, XOXO.


  1. Vicky Said:

    I’m not a directioner, but I like Louis. I don’t know what was really happening, but its diff to play with your friends and play with real football players. And he doesn’t have a big all muscle body, so maybe he needs to train a little bit more and get some stamina and then play again!

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