Love or Loathe: Ariana Grande

Victorious star Ariana Grande turned up to Barnes & Noble to sign copies of her Seventeen magazine in her best set of curtains a charming floral printed dress and patent pumps. But is this the right look for such a young, spunky starlet?


Ariana Grande is joined by Santa Claus at Empire State Building


Sure, AG looks sweet and classy but also overwhelmed by this too-long dress and strangely clunky shoes. If I were Ari, I’d hike the hem to mid thigh, pouf it out, add a sash to define her waist, and pair it with strappy white sandals or perhaps even fun striped pumps to add a little edge to this ultra-classic look.

But, do you think Ariana is wise to dress older than her age if she wants to be taken seriously as an actress? Tell me your expert fashion opinion in the comments below…XOXO.


  1. Andra Said:

    Ariana is such a beautiful girl, but I have to agree she looks like she is trying on her mother’s clothes.

  2. Shabba Said:

    The dress is cute but the length doesn’t work for her petite frame. Midi length doesn’t work for those on the shorter side of things. Just below the knee would have worked better. And those shoes don’t work at all.

  3. Stephanie Said:

    The shoes look too big on her and too clunky for the outfit. Even tho they’re nude they somehow still take away from the dress and yes, makes her look like a little girl who stumbled into Mommy’s closet to play dress up. Not her best look or stylist’s moment.

  4. Anon Said:


  5. Shannon Kaur Jagpal Said:

    If she is comfortable with what she’s wearing , then leave her be!
    For Bubbles Sake ,she can’t be perfect ALL the time!
    It’s her choice and she shouldn’t be judged for wearing something that she might like!

  6. Electra Said:

    I love the dress, it’s elegant, ladylike and I would wear it myself but the heels really don’t go, they are simply too chunky and high and makes the whole outfit loose the essence of class. She needs a Mary-Jane shoe, with the strap and the round toe, she also needs to loose the 6 inch heel and make it medium height. I would wear this though with the shoes I described.

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